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Investing in real estate isn’t limited to simply purchasing properties. You can also invest by becoming a private mortgage lender, leveraging your existing cash stores or investments such as RRSPs. There are multiple benefits to holding mortgages as investments, including higher and fixed rates of return, the control you have over making choices for your investments, and the value of real estate as collateral. Discover all the different types of real estate investments and talk to one of our knowledgeable team members to help you make wise decisions.

Real Estate Investments

Real estate is an excellent investment on many levels. Land purchases provide a consistent increase in value over time, and rental properties can provide income that helps to support the cost of operating and maintaining the facility. Our team can help you at every stage, including:

  • Structuring (how to buy properties)
  • Positioning (how to qualify for financing at the personal or corporate level)
  • Valuation (how properties are evaluated)
  • Financing (how to select the best lender to fund your property)
A private mortgage can be a viable alternative for some property owners, and it can have many investment advantages for you as a lender. You can diversify your overall financial portfolio while still having fixed terms that generate fixed returns at the healthy rate of 8 to 15%, and you can use registered funds or liquid cash to fund the mortgage. The mortgaged property has inherent value that serves as direct collateral, and your name is on the title, further securing your principal investment. Additional benefits include having control in selecting and approving the people and properties you invest in, as well as having your legal costs paid by the borrower.
We often place our RRSPs in the hands of a financial planner who contributes to or makes the decisions about where you invest your money. A self-directed RRSP gives you more involvement in choosing the investments within your plan and lets you become a private mortgage lender. Your self-directed plan is available in most types of registered funds, including TFSA, LIRA, RESP, RIF, LIF, or LRSP. You participate in choosing and approving each mortgage that you fund, whether it be syndicated, private, or even your own property’s mortgage. The experts at The Mortgage Station can help you to set up your CRA-approved self-directed account.
Major Canadian developers want and need to borrow money for their projects, which creates investment opportunities for you. On any given project, there will be one borrower (the developer), and more than one lender. By combining the funds from multiple investors just like you, developers have a viable means to move forward, and the investors can benefit in a number of ways. Whether you have cash or RRSPs you wish to invest, syndicated mortgages provide fixed returns with clearly defined terms. Compare the benefits and returns of syndicated mortgages against other real estate investments, then talk to us and we’ll help you make an informed decision about which real estate investment is right for you.