Our Team

David Flude
David FludeMortgage Broker
License #: M08001108
p: 877.512.0007 x 222
c: 416.832.6812
f: 866.415.8920
e: david@themortgagestation.ca

David’s first encounter with mortgage industry was in the 1980’s, coordinating the purchases of rental properties and residences for friends and family. He enjoyed working with all the parties involved and solving problems while learning about real estate ownership options. He’s been active in the mortgage business since 2002. After spending time in a mega-brokerage environment, he became a key player in starting Verico, The Mortgage Station in 2005. He loves to work with clients to improve their financial situation.

Frank Van Bodegom
Frank Van BodegomMortgage Broker
License #: M08004792
p: 877.512.0007 X 221
c: 647.519.1925
f: 866.468.0334
e: frank@themortgagestation.ca

Frank is one of the founding agents of The Mortgage Station. He grew up in his family’s construction business, and since then has been involved in numerous real estate ventures from building homes on spec, to property flips, to multi-residential rental properties. Through these ventures, he transitioned into the world of finance, and he started originating mortgages in 2004. His creative, problem-solving thought process has placed him as a leader in the company. Frank’s goal is to help you by providing security for your family’s future through real estate!

Kristen Ross
Kristen RossMortgage Broker
License #: M12001468
p: 877.512.0007 x 235
c: 705.890.1459
e: kristen@themortgagestation.ca

Kristen is with her clients every step of the way in their mortgage journey, from start to finish! Her mission is to learn and understand her clients’ needs and the external factors that affect them, and then to assist them in making positive, well-informed decisions based on knowledge and viable options. Choice is key!

Kristen focuses on long-term relationships, built on mutual trust and respect. She strives to provide a stress-free experience during one of the most important financial decisions in her clients’ lives.

Lisa Purchase
Lisa PurchaseMortgage Broker
License #: M17002834
p: 877.512.0007 x 255
c: 705.434.1266
e: lisa@themortgagestation.ca

Lisa and her husband have raised their family in Alliston, just as the past three generations of their families have. An active volunteer, and involved in multiple sports both as a participant and as a loving cheering wife and mother, Lisa is well know for always giving her best and supporting others.

Lisa takes enjoying her job to a new level. A long time lover of math and personal finance with a background in accounting, payroll, human resources and psychology, and a passion for helping others.

Renee Dadswell
Renee DadswellMortgage Broker
License #: M17002299
p: 877.512.0007 x 254
c: 705.794.3589
e: renee@themortgagestation.ca

With over 30 years of experience in the business world, Renee has worked in every aspect of the mortgage industry and has been involved in financial services for more than 25 years including 15 in a training role. She has received numerous awards as a result of her exemplary work in the mortgage industry, initiatives and achievements.
Renee is a passionate and dedicated member of the community and lives by the motto: “The goal every day is to make a positive difference in someone’s life.”

Randy Button
Randy ButtonMortgage Agent
License #: M14000018
p: 877.512.0007 x 241
c: 519.278.5296
f: 519.941.3682
e: randy@themortgagestation.ca

In both career and family, Randy believes he is successful because he cares. No matter what his clients’ financial situation is today, his goal is helping them to achieve and realize their real estate and financial dreams. Randy understands the appeal of investing in property. Over the years, he has always been drawn to the real estate industry, purchasing and selling many properties with great results. He currently has several properties and rentals working for him, both in Canada and the USA.

Jessica Dadswell
Jessica DadswellMortgage Broker
Licence #: M19000353
p: 877.512.0007 x 263
c: 705.627.1172
e: jessica@themortgagestation.ca

A native to Barrie, Jessica just returned to the area with her husband and two children, believing Barrie is a wonderful community to raise a family and continue building her financial and mortgage career.

Jessica’s past experience as a wedding planner certainly translates into the mortgage world! She has a true passion for helping clients feel comfortable and confident in making major life decisions whether it be planning a wedding or buying a house!

Laura Langman
Laura LangmanMortgage Agent
Licence #: M20001952
p: 877.512.0007 x 270
c: 705.818.1241
e: laura@themortgagestation.ca

Originally from Burlington, Laura has lived in the Barrie area for over 16 years now. She has a BA in Sociology from McMaster University. Additionally, Laura has an extensive background in front line customer service, as well as management and training experience. Her success has always been driven by her desire to guide, educate and help others. Laura genuinely cares for people and with a dedication to honesty and integrity she is committed to making your mortgage experience as seamless and stress – free as possible.

Tara Ricalis
Tara RicalisMortgage Agent
Licence #: M19000490
p: 877.512.0007 x 268
c: 905.717.5213
e: tara@themortgagestation.ca

Tara loves to meet new people and build genuine relationships. She takes the time to get to know you and your core values, it allows her to go that extra mile. She continually educates and reflects on herself to provide top-quality and personalised service. From buying and selling a house across the country, starting a family of her own, to endless renovations, Tara feels that she can use her personal experiences to relate and understand that life can get complicated. She will make sure she finds you a solution that best suits the flexibility of your lifestyle.

Cynthia Stone
Cynthia StoneMortgage Agent
License #: M19002196
p: 877.512.0007 x 265
c: 705.738.9878
e: cyndi@themortgagestation.ca

Born and raised in Toronto, Cyndi is a self-employed, single mom who has always maintained a dedicated work ethic! Cyndi promises her clients that she will provide whatever it takes to assist them in becoming real estate owners.

With 40+ years of experience in the real estate, finance, and insurance industry, Cyndi has had the opportunity to learn about and provide the “Perfect Plan”. She has continued to build and maintain wonderful relationships with all of her

Jessica Turner
Jessica TurnerMortgage Agent
License #: M20003332
p: 877.512.0007 x 273
c: 905.868.7913
e: turner@themortgagestation.ca

Jessica bought her first home early in her 20’s, she has bought and sold multiple times and has explored multiple borrowing options including private funding. Her passion for the mortgage industry was sparked by her personal experiences including being a first time home buyer, breaking a mortgage before the term expired, and working with private lenders. Jessica understands that each client comes to her with different needs, concerns, financials, and lifestyles. She enjoys taking the time to get to know her clients and taking the time to find

Ata Safa
Ata SafaMortgage Agent
Licence #: M21000738
p: 877.512.0007 x 275
c: 905.392.0686
e: ata@themortgagestation.ca

Ata has close to 18 years of experience in international business and dealing with European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. This has allowed him to become familiar with different cultures and their business dealings. GTA being the cultural melting pot is where he thrives as he understands the obstacles and challenges immigrants face to get financed and have their documents understood.

He is also involved in the chocolate industry and you won’t be disappointed dealing with Mr. Cocoa.

Lisa Reis
Lisa ReisMortgage Agent
License #: M16002016
p: 877.512.0007 x 259
c: 416.807.1208
e: lisareis@themortgagestation.ca

Lisa started her 20-year real estate career, marketing/launching new home sales centres. Having seen first hand, the excitement of home ownership, she recently became a mortgage agent, to help make buying a home a reality for first time homebuyers and for those who think they’ll never be able to make home ownership a reality.

Lisa’s been exposed to a wide range of mortgage options for homeowners, investors and those who don’t yet qualify for a mortgage.

Melinda Baker
Melinda BakerMortgage Agent
License #: M21000893
p: 877.512.0007 x 276
c: 705.220.1608
e: melinda@themortgagestation.ca

After becoming a divorced single mother of two many years ago, home ownership and financial security was a big drive in Melinda’s life. Within a year, she attained home ownership and better financial life skills for success.
For the last number of years, Melinda, along with her new husband and her children, have been building a life that helps others to achieve what they dream in life. They believe that when you help enough other people achieve their dreams, you will achieve your dreams as well.

Cory Hubbard
Cory HubbardMortgage Agent
License #: M21003892
p: 877.512.0007 x 280
c: 705.229.2293
e: Cory@themortgagestation.ca

As a young father of two, Cory’s personal experiences with flipping houses, new-builds, and rental properties, has ignited his enthusiasm to become a Mortgage Agent. For Cory, it’s about building genuine relationships with his clients, to make the process of attaining a mortgage seamless. As a Toronto Firefighter, he prides himself on his compassion to help others during one of the most stressful times in their lives. Whether they’re a First-Time Home Buyer, Renewing, or Refinancing